Great Article on How to Run a Facebook Campaign

I was recently talking with one of our agents about how to market to first time home buyers and then I found this article, it explains how to create very targetted campaigns in Facebook.  Coincidentally, the example the author gives is a campaign targetting first time home buyers.  Great stuff…

How to Run a Facebook Campaign


How to Improve Your Yelp Ranking

So I set out to try and understand Yelp and how an agent can increase their ranking.  Clearly, the goal is to get as many positive reviews as possible, but beyond that is there anything you can do to help your ranking?

There are no clear answers to that question, but I have studied a number of agents yelp profiles and read a number of articles and here are some of the things to do to optimize your yelp page and increase your chances of moving up in ranking.

1. Add as much information about your business as you can location, website, hours, etc.

2. Optimize the “About This Business” section fill this out fully. Some things you can include:  history of the company, products and services, mission statement, background and expereince of the founder. Also, include recommendations to other companies, such as vendors and affiliates in this section.

3. Post great photos.

4. Drive traffic to your Yelp page.  Simply by increasing the traffic to your page seems to have a positive impact on your ranking.

5. Keep the content updated.  Comment on posts good and bad.

6. Put links on your main website to your Yelp profile and vice versa.

7. So not only do you want good reviews, but you want good reviews from the right people, those people that are very active on Yelp.  You also want the reviews to be rich in Keywords so you may want to mention that to someone you think may right a review for you.  So for us the more a reviewer can say “long beach real estate agent” the better.

Generate Buyer Leads By Advertising the Calplus Program

If your not familiar with the Calplus program it is downpayment assistance program offered by the State.

I have been able to generate a large number of free leads on Craigslist advertising this program.  What I did was create a landing page basically describing this program with a call to action, “See if you qualify right now or by email.”

Here is what it looks like:


I don’t go into detail about the program.  This is a lead generation website not an informational website. The whole point of the site is to entise them to give me their contact information so that we can continue the conversation offline.

I then drive traffic to this landing page with Craigslist ads.  I have been running this ad off and on for about a month and have generated about 20 leads from it.  Cost? $0. Can’t beat that price.

New Craigslist Technique Generates Massive Amount of Buyer Leads

In this bog post I will describe a new technique to generate buyer leads on Craigslist that I created.

So last week I got a lead from my sister,  a friend of hers wanted to sell her house in Rancho Palos Verdes and needed an agent, great lead, right?  Sure thing…million dollar home. I spoke to the seller on the phone and everything was looking great and she was going to call me back and schedule a listing appointment the following week.

So I wanted to generate buyer leads before I met with her for a listing appointment. How great would it be to go into the listing appointment with several dozen buyer leads already generated for the house?

So what I did was create a ‘Pre-Sale Preferred Buyers List’ landing page and several Craigslist posts basically saying, “Coming Soon 3 bedroom home in Rancho Palos Verdes….blah, blah, blah. Click Here to Sign Up for my Pre-Sale Preferred Buyers List.” The link, of course, taking them to my landing page where they could enter their contact information.  Here is what the landing page looked like:


Now I created a number of different Craigslist ads for this landing page, all very broad with catchy headlines without giving the address or price.  Here is an example of one of them:


Now I wasn’t blown away with leads from this approach, but I did get a few leads and one all cash buyer looking for a home near the beach…not to bad.  I just thought I would get more. Maybe there just isn’t that many people who want to move to RPV?

So this weekend I decided to make the ad more broad and try to appeal to more buyers. I took out all the mention of Rancho Palos Verdes ..and wah-lah hit the jackpot. I got several leads in one posting.  For those of you new to Craigslist, this is a great result.  Although that might not sound like a lot, if you do several postings a day, 7 days a week, you’ll have a pretty good number of buyer leads by the end of the week.

So instead of “3 bedroom home in Rancho Palos Verdes,” it reads “3 Bedroom Home near the beach….”  Who wouldn’t want a 3 bedroom home near the beach?

So I hope some of you give this a try and get similar results. Oh by the way, the original lead that inspired this…it went cold and I never ended up getting an appointment to meet with the seller, but I’m still trying.

Doorknock around expired listings for immediate business

One strategy to attain immediate business is to doorknock around active listings.  This is a tried and true method since sellers seem to cluster.  As anybody who has tried this technique knows, most people are not home when you knock on there doors.

So one way to make this method more effective is to leave a handwritten note saying, “I have buyers who are interested in purchasing a home in this neighborhood, but your neighbors home down the street was just not a good fit for them.  Would you consider selling your house to them?”  This is kind of a variation on the “I have Buyers” letters.

What to Include on Your YouTube Channel

Here are a few ideas I have collected for YouTube videos and how to drive traffic to your YouTube site:

  • Videos of your listings – virtual tours
  • Videos of other agents listings
  • Neighborhood videos
  • Historic sites/points of interest/schools
  • Interview local politicians
  • Restaurant/Business profile
  • Events
  • Create a welcome video that showcases your expertise and always keep it on top of your channel.
  • Testimonial videos
  • Turn some of your cideos into a media kit to share with potential clients
  • Create videos discussing real estate trends
  • Create how-to videos for home sellers
  • Create videos for home-buying tips
  • Take advantage of video annotations to share more videos with your audience or link back to your website
  • Make sure you include your full contact information in the video
  • Include search engine friendly keywords in your file name. Example: “tuscon-arizona-real-estate-agent-yourname.wmv”
  • Create compelling title for your video and sprinkle keywords in it.
  • Link to your personal website at the beginning of the description of all of your YouTube videos.
  • Use your targeted keywords in your video description and make it readable in bullet format.
  • YouTube video tags are very important.  Make sure to include high traffic keywords there.
  • Respond promptly and informatively to peoples comments on your videos.
  • Thoughtfully comment on videos that are interesting to your target clients to increase your channels visibility.
  • Create video responses to other YouTube Channels.

More ideas include them in the comments section.