Generate Buyer Leads By Advertising the Calplus Program

If your not familiar with the Calplus program it is downpayment assistance program offered by the State.

I have been able to generate a large number of free leads on Craigslist advertising this program.  What I did was create a landing page basically describing this program with a call to action, “See if you qualify right now or by email.”

Here is what it looks like:


I don’t go into detail about the program.  This is a lead generation website not an informational website. The whole point of the site is to entise them to give me their contact information so that we can continue the conversation offline.

I then drive traffic to this landing page with Craigslist ads.  I have been running this ad off and on for about a month and have generated about 20 leads from it.  Cost? $0. Can’t beat that price.


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