What to Include on Your YouTube Channel

Here are a few ideas I have collected for YouTube videos and how to drive traffic to your YouTube site:

  • Videos of your listings – virtual tours
  • Videos of other agents listings
  • Neighborhood videos
  • Historic sites/points of interest/schools
  • Interview local politicians
  • Restaurant/Business profile
  • Events
  • Create a welcome video that showcases your expertise and always keep it on top of your channel.
  • Testimonial videos
  • Turn some of your cideos into a media kit to share with potential clients
  • Create videos discussing real estate trends
  • Create how-to videos for home sellers
  • Create videos for home-buying tips
  • Take advantage of video annotations to share more videos with your audience or link back to your website
  • Make sure you include your full contact information in the video
  • Include search engine friendly keywords in your file name. Example: “tuscon-arizona-real-estate-agent-yourname.wmv”
  • Create compelling title for your video and sprinkle keywords in it.
  • Link to your personal website at the beginning of the description of all of your YouTube videos.
  • Use your targeted keywords in your video description and make it readable in bullet format.
  • YouTube video tags are very important.  Make sure to include high traffic keywords there.
  • Respond promptly and informatively to peoples comments on your videos.
  • Thoughtfully comment on videos that are interesting to your target clients to increase your channels visibility.
  • Create video responses to other YouTube Channels.

More ideas include them in the comments section.


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