How to Improve Your Yelp Ranking

So I set out to try and understand Yelp and how an agent can increase their ranking.  Clearly, the goal is to get as many positive reviews as possible, but beyond that is there anything you can do to help your ranking?

There are no clear answers to that question, but I have studied a number of agents yelp profiles and read a number of articles and here are some of the things to do to optimize your yelp page and increase your chances of moving up in ranking.

1. Add as much information about your business as you can location, website, hours, etc.

2. Optimize the “About This Business” section fill this out fully. Some things you can include:  history of the company, products and services, mission statement, background and expereince of the founder. Also, include recommendations to other companies, such as vendors and affiliates in this section.

3. Post great photos.

4. Drive traffic to your Yelp page.  Simply by increasing the traffic to your page seems to have a positive impact on your ranking.

5. Keep the content updated.  Comment on posts good and bad.

6. Put links on your main website to your Yelp profile and vice versa.

7. So not only do you want good reviews, but you want good reviews from the right people, those people that are very active on Yelp.  You also want the reviews to be rich in Keywords so you may want to mention that to someone you think may right a review for you.  So for us the more a reviewer can say “long beach real estate agent” the better.


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