Napolean Hill’s Qualities the Master Salesperson Must Develop

According to Napolean Hill these are the qualities one must develop to become a master salesperson:

  1. Physical fitness – habits of proper diet and exercise
  2. Courage
  3. Imagination – anticipate situations and objections
  4. Speech
  5. Hard Work
  6. Knowledge of the Merchandise they sell
  7. Belief in the merchandise they sell
  8. Appropiateness of merchandise
  9. Value given
  10. Knowledge of the prospective buyer
  11. Qualifying the prospective buyer
  12. Ability to nuetralize the mind of the buyer
  13. Ability to close the sale
  14. A pleasing personality
  15. Showmanship
  16. Self control
  17. Initiative
  18. Tolerance
  19. Accurate thinking
  20. Persistence
  21. faith
  22. Habit of observation
  23. the habit of rendering more service than is expected of him
  24. Profiting by failures and mistakes
  25. the master mind
  26. A definite major aim
  27. Golden rule applied
  28. Enthusiasm

Common Characteristics of All Great Agents

This list was created by Neil Schwartz, a great real estate trainer and coach, if you’ve never heard of him he’s worth checking out.  He has some great videos on YouTube.

Characteristics of Great Agents:

  1. They spend time learning and they are better trained.  They understand the importance of learning and developing their skills and they make it a priority.
  2. They focus on their goals.  They completely focus on the things that they want.  They have a crystal clear direction and a crystal clear purpose in their life.  They know what they want in the year.  They know what they want to buy.  They know how much money its going to take to get it.
  3. They have a high desire to achieve.  They are driven to success they will not be denied.  They work hard, they’re focused, and they’re consistent.
  4. They have discipline.  They get up early to do their jobs.  They do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are doing to do it.  They do the things they have to do even though they don’t want to .  They have the courage to do what they don’t like to do.

One final thought from the same talk, ” Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities, they vary in the desire to reach their potential.”

Take Your Phone Prospecting to the Next Level

Since Jennifer and Susan have helped to renew all of our interest in phone prospecting I thought I would start my new blog with a post on that topic.  Now I have no idea where I got this grading system I just found it in one of my numerous journals, so if anybody recognizes it let me know so I can source it.

One way to get better at anything is to measure and quantify it.  So here is the 6 categories the author recommends to track:

1) How many minutes are you propsecting without interruptions? The author recommends 50 mins with 10 min break for 3 hours a day.

2) Who’d you call and in what order?  Recommends calling 2-3 past clients/sphere, then 2-3 Expired/FSBOs, then 2-3 Old Expireds/Old FSBOs, then 3-5 Just Listed/Just Sold, then 1-2 Follow-Up Calls.  Now that is actual contacts not dials.  You’ll probably need to make 5 dials to reach one person.

3) Attitude/Approach/Expectation – What’s your attitude on the phone?  What’s your approach? What do you expect to accomplish during that hour?

4) Are you using scripts and dialogues or are you just winging it?

5) Did you maintain a high level of energy and intensity?

6) Never take no for an answer with a qualified client, when yes is still possible.

How powerful would your prospecting be if you mastered these six categories and did them on a high level every time?