Napolean Hill’s Qualities the Master Salesperson Must Develop

According to Napolean Hill these are the qualities one must develop to become a master salesperson:

  1. Physical fitness – habits of proper diet and exercise
  2. Courage
  3. Imagination – anticipate situations and objections
  4. Speech
  5. Hard Work
  6. Knowledge of the Merchandise they sell
  7. Belief in the merchandise they sell
  8. Appropiateness of merchandise
  9. Value given
  10. Knowledge of the prospective buyer
  11. Qualifying the prospective buyer
  12. Ability to nuetralize the mind of the buyer
  13. Ability to close the sale
  14. A pleasing personality
  15. Showmanship
  16. Self control
  17. Initiative
  18. Tolerance
  19. Accurate thinking
  20. Persistence
  21. faith
  22. Habit of observation
  23. the habit of rendering more service than is expected of him
  24. Profiting by failures and mistakes
  25. the master mind
  26. A definite major aim
  27. Golden rule applied
  28. Enthusiasm

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