Facebook Post Ideas for Realtors

I posted these a few months back on my other blog and I got pretty good response from people, so I thought I would re-post it here.  Ideas for Facebook posts:

  1. Question of the Day – open ended questions, not ones with yes or no answers.
  2. Universal quotes – Do a search on Google using keyword that identifies how your feeling.  Make sure it’s easy to understand and positive.
  3. Pics of your life – Your life is interesting.  What you’re eating, your garden, your newly decorated room, new surround system, etc.  People are curious and they are interested if they weren’t they wouldn’t be following you on FB.
  4. Funny or expressive photos and videos – Make your facebook profile into your own collage that reflects your personality.  Be creative!!! Be fun!!!
  5. Articles about current events – current events are conversation starters.
  6. YouTube videos of your neighborhoods – give your audience a video tour of the neighborhoods you serve using smart phone or flip camera.
  7. Host a mini contest – Tell people in your network to post pics of something (whatever you decide) so that everyone can vote on the best one.
  8. Links to your blog or website
  9. Facts about you
  10. Hyper local content
  11. Tag your buyers and sellers in your sold albums
  12. Create a testimonial album
  13. Cross promote your marketing tactice – Example: “I will be having calendar magnets going out to all my clients in the next week or so.  If you are interested in one, make sure I have your address email me.”
  14. Share some market data
  15. Publish a link to your city’s Park and Recreation Summer Activity Guide
  16. Video Interview a local teacher from a school in your ommunity
  17. Stage a room – create a video how-to with your favorite home stager
  18. Link or write a post or video your local Farmers market

If anybody else has others add them to the comments section.  Let’s try to get this up to 50 ideas.

Source for most of these dotjenna.com


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