24 Positive Daily Habits

24 Daily Habits
taken from thechangeblog.com

The Morning:
1. Wake Up early
2. Exercise Daily
3. Review or Re-write Your Goals
4. Read and/or Listen to Motivational Material
5. Visualize the Day Ahead
6. Write a “To Do” List
7. Check the News Headlines
8. Take a Multi-Vitamin
9. Tidy Up Your Personal Space
10. Take Time to Look Good

The Day:
11. Put First Things First – execute your life around your deepest priorities
12. Connect with Nature
13. Blog
14. Snack Well
15. Be Proactive
16. Stay in Touch with friends

The Evening:
17. Have Family Time
18. Floss
19. Wind Down/Meditate
20. Review Your Day
21. Read
23. Say I Love You to My FAmily Members
24. Go to Bed at a Reasonable Time


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