Common Characteristics of All Great Agents

This list was created by Neil Schwartz, a great real estate trainer and coach, if you’ve never heard of him he’s worth checking out.  He has some great videos on YouTube.

Characteristics of Great Agents:

  1. They spend time learning and they are better trained.  They understand the importance of learning and developing their skills and they make it a priority.
  2. They focus on their goals.  They completely focus on the things that they want.  They have a crystal clear direction and a crystal clear purpose in their life.  They know what they want in the year.  They know what they want to buy.  They know how much money its going to take to get it.
  3. They have a high desire to achieve.  They are driven to success they will not be denied.  They work hard, they’re focused, and they’re consistent.
  4. They have discipline.  They get up early to do their jobs.  They do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are doing to do it.  They do the things they have to do even though they don’t want to .  They have the courage to do what they don’t like to do.

One final thought from the same talk, ” Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities, they vary in the desire to reach their potential.”


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